The news today reminds me of the famous song of Enrico Macias, AH QU’ELLES SONT JOLIES LES FILLES DE MON PAYS. They are beautiful indeed, maybe he most beautiful.
One more time in few days Lebanon good news hit the world.
After the top 20 best bars in the world, the #1 best city to get rich in the world, now Lebanon is #8 in the most beautiful women in the world.
This is not surprising news of course. And it comes at the right time to empower our local beauties and change the mood of domestic violence that has been the talk of the town for the last few months in the whole country.
CHEERS to all the gorgeous ladies of Lebanon, inner or outer beauty.
below is the ranking according to

Most people will agree that Lebanon has the most beautiful women in the Middle East and Arab world. And everyone really noticed that through a controversial 2006 photo of affluent Lebanese women riding through a war-torn neighborhood in Beirut. It showed that the young sun-tanned women of this country are strong and keep the glamour no matter what. A visit to the Lebanese capital will surprise for the vibrant and fun-loving attitude of its people.
10- USA
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