The Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) is a long-distance hiking trail in Lebanon. It extends from Qbaiyat in the north of Lebanon to Marjaayoun in the south, a 440 km path that transects more than 75 towns and villages at altitudes ranging from 600 to 2,000 meters ( above sea level. The LMT aims to showcase the natural beauty and cultural wealth of Lebanon’s mountains and to demonstrate the determination of the people of Lebanon to conserve their heritage.

Lebanon Mountain Trail is an annual walk during the month of April. To know more about the LMT 6th annual walkCLICK HERE

LMT walk from Bcharre to Hasroun: It is a walk through cloud forests and lost hamlets, through holy shrines, lonely orchards and 6,000 years of human history. It is the Lebanon Mountain Trail.


1We begin our journey with a special breakfast made of dried fruits and nuts. This is the secret recipe before begining our hiking from Bcharre to Hasroun through the mountains.

18Caroline had been walking the LMT since one week. I joined her in Bcharreh-Hasroun section, Mira also had joined us. Joe our local guide is explaining today route. Bcharre village breathtaking view behind us.

2We hicked up the LMT till this Phoenician tomb…Did the Phoenicians believed in life after death???

3I am behind the camera. It is hard to hike and take pictures, eventhough I enjoy my trip very much

4The water flowing down from the top is pure bliss. Any time we needed a little refresher, all you had to do was drink directly from the source, as Caroline is doing here.

5The higher we go up, scenes became more and more fascinating. Caroline taking picture of the Saint Valley

6Road road, on the road again.

7Joe and Caroline checking the map…Are we lost ???

9Almost there???? No not yet according to the map.

19Joe is a real tomatoes lover. The best tomatoes I ever tasted. Is hunger the best sauce???

LebanonMountaintrail 107Tomatoes eater.

11Lunch time. The best part of the hiking. We are at 2000 m altitude facing the amphitheater mountains of the Cedars. Beautifullllllll !!!!!

21Enjoying the landscape that makes up this gorgeous part of the world, Lebanon.

14We go faster..

13Rural Lebanon is bursting with fruits and vegetables: apples, pears, grapes, figs, plums, blackberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, wild thyme, mint, lavender, walnuts. If you walk in the mountains in September you won’t go hungry.

15Joe,our guide come up with some crazy ideas for different poses when we’re up there—let’s face it, you gotta make that hike worthwhile on social media.

12Locals are always happy to greet us all the way. The Dolce Vita of Lebanese mountainous life. Love it

10My shoes at the end of this long hiking day.

17Hiking is over. Enjoying a nice drive with the funniest guide I ever met.