Depression is an illness that plagues millions of people, all over the world. Sure, we all can feel sad or down sometimes, but when someone is dealing with depression, it is a never-ending and sometimes all-consuming battle. And it is often a silent illness, one which many misunderstand and as such, don’t seek treatment for.

While depression doesn’t discriminate against people, there seem to be some demographics that tend to be more depressed than others. Whether it is economics, the culture, or background, the fact that there are countries that have a higher rate of depression than others is worth looking examining. Granted, it can be argued that many people who suffer from this illness do not seek medical assistance and so there may be a significant number of undocumented cases. In some cultures, depression still isn’t as quickly identified or even widely recognized as a sickness, so a lesser understanding of the illness may contribute to fewer reported cases in some areas.

According to the United Census Bureau and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 5.4% of the world’s population deals with depression. Some statistics indicate that income level can affect a person with depression as well as gender, ethnic background, and age. Here, we’re looking at the ten countries which have been identified as the “most depressed” countries, compiled by with information from the US Census Bureau and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Which countries are most depressed, and what are the possible contributing or aggravating factors for each nation?

1- United States


3- France

4- Netherland

5- Colombia

6- Lebanon

For years, Lebanon has been dealing with insecurity in their economy and their government, which is at least partly to blame for the rising rate of antidepressant prescriptions along with sedatives and sleeping pills. Life in Lebanon is undeniably stressful which leaves many worried about the future of their homes, jobs, and families. Trends show that the citizens of Lebanon prefer medication over therapy, likely due to the rising cost of the latter. But the cultural perception of therapy has also been cited as a possible reason behind depressed Lebanese citizens avoiding therapy – a 2011 report on the issue in the Daily Star Lebanon stated that Lebanese ‘don’t believe in talk-therapy’.


7- Belgium

8- Spain


10- Italy