This is something to keep in mind the next time you hear someone say that all Muslims support ISIS.
We barely stopped seeing posts and videos about the Ice-Bucket challenge, that we started seeing a new style of challenge, probably inspired by the ice-bucket one.

Both have the same goal: save lives. The first by raising awareness and money to fight a killing disease, ALS, the second is to raise the voice against another kind of killers, a “virus” called ISIS, spreading fear and death wherever it passes. People all over the world, but mainly in the middle east and specifically in Lebanon started a new trend of burning the ISIS flag to show rejection to those barbarians killing under the name of God. And the good thing about is that not only Christians are doing this, but also so many decent muslims, who really know the Islam and who are ashamed of ISIS fighting and spreading horror in the name of God and Islam.

Minister Rifi who was thought to be patriotic and a moderate Muslim ordered to arrest the young people who burned the flag in Achrafieh, which made a big reaction in the population. He stated that they are burning the name of God, this is all what he saw. Minister Rifi didn’t see the ISIS killing the muslim soldier, the martyr Ali Al Sayed, he didn’t see all the churches getting attacked everywhere in the country, he didn’t see the huge threat the country is living because the black flag people, who don’t know what God or even the word Allah means.

This new cause attracted the attention of international media, and this is the full article posted by the Huffington Post, The Mirror and The Independent.