Combining endless sunny days, wonderful sandy beaches, ancient history and tradition, has become one of the premium tourist destination Here, you can discover unspoiled beaches and traditional villages very close to the more conventional tourist services, like pubs and bars, restaurants and discos, beaches and site seeing. You will discover beautiful villages like Batroun, Anfeh, Jieh,Tripoli Islands and other unspoiled beaches in Lebanon where prices are affordable or for free. Check our list of beautiful beaches.This is our Editor’s Choice


Ta7et el Rih, Anfeh:(Read more)

Anfeh Beach is also known as Taht El Rih or “underneath the wind ” is a beautiful creek that is situated in Anfeh. Lying between the natural harbor of Nhayreh and the archeological peninsula. The Citadel of Anfeh, the Anfeh creek consists of an attractive rocky shore shaped as a perfect semi-circle at whose bottom lie many sandy underwater caves. It has become a haven for walkers and swimmers who are drawn to its well-preserved view and always clear water.

If you are willing to do a little walking and investigating, enjoy a beautiful marine nature, meet with nice people, and eat delicious food, make sure you visit Anfeh!

Anfeh is an attractive town on the coast of Qaza Al-Koura in North Lebanon. It is located 65 Kilometers north of Beirut and 15 Kilometers south of Tripoli. Anfeh is famous for being named Little Greece due to its geographic and architectural similarity to Greek Islands. A place not to miss!!! Free Entrance

Bahsa, Batroun

Batroun is a major tourist destination in North Lebanon. The town boasts tens of historic churches, both Catholic and Greek Orthodox. The town is also a major beach resort with a vibrant nightlife. Citrus groves surround Batroun, and the town has been famous, from the early twentieth century, for its fresh lemonade, which is sold by most of the cafés and restaurants on its main street.

Al Bahsa Beach also known as “Ma23ad el Mir” or “the Prince Seat” is a beach situated in the old part of Batroun.Largely known by Batrouni citizen, this beach is their cherished place. And entrance is free …

El Heri Seaside( Chekka):

El Heri Seaside is in the region of Batroun ,close to the city of Chekka. Its a beautiful creek underneath the Nourieh or Chakka Mountain.That breathtaking sandy beach ressemble enormously to the beaches in Brazil, where mountains are plunging inside the sea.

El Heri seaside was the beach of my childhood and all my memories as achild are linked to that great Chekkaa Mountain ,and the shallow blue water.

Unfortunately, that Cote D’Azur-alike seaside didn’t progress enormously to be a main tourism attraction, instead ten of small beaches are built in an anarchic way.

A new resort was built, Florida Beach Resort ,but not up to any standards with a very aggressive management and I personally prefer other beach resorts.

I’ll give you my list : Benny Beach, St Helene Beach, St Raymond Beach, Saint Antoine.

Entrance Fee:around 7000LL

Pearl Beach (Facebbok page)

Only 4 miles northbound from the Phoenician city of Byblos and 3 miles Eastbound from the ancient city of Batroun is the Pearl beach which harbors a tiny natural rock island restaurant, an exceptional natural preserved beauty.

The primary attraction of Pearl Beach is the Rock Island restaurant surrounded by the sea.The water is warm with a steady trade winds and beautiful naturally panoramic scenery.
Perfect conditions for claiming the freedom of the sea. The beach is actually made up of shiny colorful small pebbles.
The coarse pebbles will tickle your toes and provide hours of entertainment for curious kids with easy access to the safe waters. Do not forget to bring your snorkeling gear since the underwater view is magnificent. Have your camera always handy for the most beautiful pictures at Sunset. Free Entrance.


Pierre and Friends(Read more)

One tourist wrote:

Pierre and Friends is exactly what I’ve been looking for…A relaxing “pub, restaurant, and sailing club” where you can enjoy a day of sun with your friends. Free from the pretentiousness of places like fancy Beach Lounge, Pierre and Friends is the perfect weekend escape…and get this, it’s free entry too!

I was sitting at the bar, sipping on an Almaza, staring out at the vast expanse of nothingness that is the Mediterranean Sea..when it occurred to me that I didn’t miss anything about Miami..not one single thing. “Should I feel guilty for not missing anything about the place I called home up until five months ago?” The answer quickly came to me: NOPE!

I’ve never seen any beach quite like it..I’m not even sure if it qualifies as a beach, as there is no sand..only pebbles..well more like rocks actually..I haven’t had enough of you Pierre..make some time for me next weekend.. Kisses. XOXO.
Pierre and Friends is situated between Byblos and Batroun, very close to Batroun.

Rabbit Island, Tripoli

Some 11 km off the coast of Tripoli lies a cluster of flat rocky uninhabited islands, among them Rabbit Island. Reaching Rabbit Island involves a little more adventuring than accessing most of Lebanon’s beaches, but the trek’s rewards include long sandy beaches and great places to swim.

Some preparation is needed prior to departure: As there are no shops or restaurants on the island, you’ll need to pack an ample picnic to keep you going through the day.

Leave Beirut early and bus or drive north to Tripoli Port. If you’re traveling by bus, you’ll have to take a service from where it drops you in central Tripoli to the port.

Once at the port, you’ll find plenty of guys with boats eager to ferry you to your destination – be prepared to haggle for a good price. Upon arrival on the island, take a stroll around its perimeter – it will take you all of 10 minutes – then swim, sunbath and enjoy your picnic.

Be warned: While there may be some entrepreneurial young men willing to hire you a table and chairs on which to eat your lunch, no one has as yet established any bathroom facilities – be prepared for seeking out a secluded spot in order to relieve yourself.

As long as you’re not the last people on the island, it should be easy to find a boat to take you back to the mainland. Alternatively, you could try to arrange for the boat that brought you out to return and collect you at a designated time.

Tyre reserve

Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is located immediately south of city of Tyre. The Reserve is the biggest and most beautiful remaining sandy beach in Lebanon. It is characterized by its ecological, marine and coastal ecosystem. In addition, it is an important nesting site for migratory birds and the threatened sea turtles.

The natural reserve contains fresh water estuaries and springs that outflow to the sea thus creating a fresh/ marine water interface. Both visitors and scientists recognize it as one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in Lebanon, with the widest biodiversity. The seafront at the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is the antithesis to the vast majority of Lebanon’s beaches – no music, no beer, no luxury swimming pools. But this beautiful, calm, clean stretch of coast running from Tyre’s public beach to the Rashidiyeh Palestinian refugee camp is one of the sandiest in Lebanon. Free entrance.

White Beach( Facebook page)

The seafront itself may be nothing more than a narrow, very rocky strip of land, but White beach just outside Batroun is one of the country’s most relaxed and unpretentious – you won’t spot any high heels. Its strand, which is equally stony, the beach itself is less “hip,” it’s just as relaxed, but in a family-friendly way.

There is an entrance fee at White Beach, but it’s only LL7000/10000 and includes a chaise longue. The club also offers a range of activities, from snorkeling to diving, sailing and windsurfing.

It invites guests to bring their own fishing gear and advertises that the Lebanese restaurant on site will cook your catch for you.