The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism in partnership with the Lebanese Private Industry has launched an amazing campaign to revive tourism in Lebanon.

The objective of the campaign is to promote the various activities in Lebanon, not only focusing on the traditional and renowned touristic attractions but also activities that are beyond what Lebanon might be known to offer  – Full details are available at livelovelebanon website.

Live Love Lebanon Themes

Adventure Lovers

If you’re an adventurer at heart, Lebanon is the perfect destination for you. Thanks to a unique Mediterranean climate and a diverse landscape that includes mountains, valleys, forests, caves, snow and beaches, Lebanon has become synonymous with fun-filled destinations where visitors can go on a wide range of outdoors activities.

With these special packages, you’ll be enjoying a great mix of attractions, like hiking, caving, surfing, rafting, canyoning, snowshoeing, skiing, paragliding and many other adrenaline pumping activities that cater to all levels of thrill-seeking.

Book your package today to feel alive like never before while surfing the waves, paragliding over Mount Lebanon, or biking through traditional villages!

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Culture Lovers

You have probably heard about the impressive Roman temples of Baalbeck, Byblos the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, and the majestic Cedars of Lebanon, proudly displayed on the national flag; but there is so much more to the Lebanese culture that you can discover!

This is your opportunity to explore thousands of years of history and art through journeys off the beaten path. Did you know that Lebanon boasts five world heritage sites inscribed on the UNESCO list (Baalbeck, Byblos, Tyre, Anjar and Qadisha Valley)? Those alone are worth the visit, but new trails will also take you to unknown places such as Byzantine-era old villages, fortresses from the Crusader period and medieval churches with frescoes, mosques and mâqams dedicated to Nabis and Biblical prophets, and numerous old souks.

With our Culture Lovers packages, you will enjoy an exciting journey not only to major archeological sites, but also to the heart of our traditions that have charmed visitors for millennia, with visits to artisanal workshops to see pottery, glass blowing and mosaics, and tastings of local cuisine and Lebanese Mezze, all while meeting generous and hospitable rural communities along the way.

Book your package today to dive into the melting pot of cultures that makes Lebanon so unique and diverse!

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Festival Lovers

Festivals have become a customary element of the Lebanese culture, from international to local festivals. They have a way of bringing all the Lebanese and foreigners together in a beautiful celebration of life through culture, art and entertainment.

Lebanese international festivals host an array of prestigious events that welcome world-renowned artists in music, theater, and dance. Just imagine listening to an epic opera masterpiece with a magnificent Roman temple as a backdrop, or attending a rock concert in front of a fortress castle by the sea. In Lebanon, you also have the option of dancing a traditional Dabke in a village main square alongside locals, listening to Arabic music around a fire, or being part of a cherry or apple picking outing. The possibilities can surprise even a Lebanese.

Book your package today to enjoy a wide choice of spectacular and popular shows with views to match and a truly positive experience!

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Nature Lovers

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard the popular saying of how, in Lebanon, you can ski in the morning and swim in the sea in the afternoon. Well, it’s popular because it’s absolutely true. Lebanon’s nature is truly a feast for the eyes; there’s the beautiful Bekaa valley that’s abundant with fresh water springs, the picturesque mountains that slope to the warm Mediterranean Sea, and of course, that unique climate, with over three hundred sunny days per year. Lebanon is renowned for its ecological diversity, wildlife, forests, caves, and crystal clear blue waters.

Did we mention the natural reserves with a variety of ecotourism activities, the wonderful caves that you can visit, or the bird watching areas? In short, Lebanon is a great place for nature lovers!

Book your package today to hike into the heart of a forest of millenial cedars, centenary oak and junipers trees!

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Wine Lovers

As one of the oldest sites for wine production in the world, and with an exceptional expansion of the sector in the last decade, Lebanon is home to over forty wineries, with vineyards stretching across the Bekaa Valley, all the way up to the mountains and down to the coast. The country enjoys four distinct seasons, which makes it the ideal location for vineyards and a must-see for all wine connoisseurs.

Come on a journey of discovery and sophistication, and sample world-renowned vintages. Our wine trails will take you to notable wineries and on surprising journeys to meet small producers in some beautiful mountain villages. Through your visits to various vineyards, you will see how thousands of years of wine secrets have been passed down the generations. Did you know that most of these wine producers also offer the Lebanese traditional alcohol, arak?

Book your package today to enjoy a gorgeous rosé as you survey our beautiful vineyards and bask in our lovely sunshine!

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Beach Lovers

From the capital Beirut up to Batroun and Tripoli, or down to Saida and Tyre, Lebanon’s coastline is dotted with beautiful and historic port cities, seaside resorts, imposing cliffs, and sandy beaches. The combination of Lebanon’s 230 kilometers coastline and its Mediterranean climate make it an ideal place for water sports. Numerous resort complexes, beaches and swimming clubs have aquatic amusements and sports on offer, including snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, water skiing, underwater fishing, and sailing.

Watch spectacular sunsets, see sea turtles on Tyre’s beaches, experience moonlight fishing, sail from a coastal city to another, and party until dawn at beach clubs in the country. You can even consider having your wedding ceremony right on the beach and spending your honeymoon at a wonderful beach resort in Byblos or Jiyeh!

Book your package today to relax on a sandy beach, ride the waves, or dive in the blue Mediterranean Sea!

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