Jad Ismail, a Lebanese blogger/hacker hacked Maggy Farah’s mobile app & now you can download the book for free.

Jad wrote on his blog:

I came recently across Maggy Farah’s iOS application, the application allows you to preview the book, and even subscribe to the book, so you can follow up with Maggy’s horoscope predictions for 2014.

MAGGY farah 2014 horoscope 225x300 Maggy Farah 2014 Horoscope Book Now For Free!

I am myself a big fan of Maggy Farah, so I decided to test the security of this mobile application, of course i had to connect my iPhone to the computer to debug it,  and I find out that the application is completely insecure and unprofessional! The application opens a link that displays the link of all the pages of Maggy’s book, and with a small script I was able to download them and get the book for free, the process was very simple that my grandma could do it in 5 min.

I’m not sharing the link since it’s based on my session ID, I’m sharing the book instead because it’s already shared on the application for free. For copyright complaint please email me and  I will remove it.


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