Another crime, another Lebanese woman victim of domestic violence, but this time in another country, in Australia.

Margaret Boukarim Tannous, 47, from Chekka, North Lebanon, was found dead with serious head injuries in Bankstown, NSW, Australia  and rushed to  Hospital where she later died.

Her husband George, 55, allegedly fled before handing himself in at Bankstown Police Station a few hundred metres from the unit where he was charged with murder.

The couple had two teenage children who lived at the unit but were not home at the time of the alleged murder.

Mrs Tannous’ son Elie, posted an emotional RIP  on his facebook page this morning with a photo of his mother.

“My mother, my angel, my life, my queen, the closest person to me how could this happen to you why would someone ever want to or even think of doing this to you. You were the strongest woman, the strongest PERSON i knew, you taught me that the most power you have in this life is in your brain and not your fists or your muscles.

You taught me to do right by people even though they do wrong to you, your idol was your father Elie Boukarim who passed away at age 47,  you named me after him because I was supposed to be a reflection of him in your life and i promise to live up to that.

Now you have passed on at the same age as your father what an honour, everything in this world you sacrificed for me and my sister.  You lived for us, you worked for us, everything you did was for us and I’m so proud to be called your son and i still can’t believe what happened it hasn’t sunk into my brain.

You suffered for 18 years while another woman would have let go after 3 months, for us. I’m so glad to have had this last cup of scotch with you we really enjoyed it. I’ll give up my life to feel one of your warm hugs again, I’ve always been a mummy’s boy.

Allah yerhamik ya emeh I didn’t get to give you a proper goodbye but we will meet again and I know for a fact that your in a better place. I love you more then life itself.”