Petra by night is one of those moments in life that u cannot and u don’t want to capture by a camera. U just want to enjoy this memorable dream. After a long walk in the middle of the canyon, u are drown by the sound of the flute or “nay” that gets closer and closer, as the candle lights get more and more abundant.
I imagined we will see the electrical lights on the walls of “khassneh” the symbol of Petra, but I was surprised to see a much simpler and more poetic light, a continuity of the candles that were guiding our path through the canyon, like a river ends in a lake, a lake of candles.
Hundreds of visitors are sitting on the floor and some near the rocky walls facing the monument. Absolute calm occupied only by the beautiful music and some steps. The musician is the shadow of a shepherd, walking between the candles, followed closely by a dog.
Then the music stopped and the musician suddenly became a poet, reciting beautiful poems and story in English with an obvious Arab accent. Beautiful confident words.
He ended this dream by asking the crowd to take a photo with the flash on, he called it the momento, a one moment when all the people click at the same time, which makes a big light that breaks the darkness and shows an awesome image of the khazneh. A real momento.
A real dream.