Picking mushrooms in Hadath el Jebbeh

One of the specialties of the cedar forest in Hadath el Jebbeh is the wild mushroom, more than 40 species from different sizes shapes and colors from 1 mm to 20 cms, white, grey, yellow, blue, black,….
No studies were done but as we know some are saprophytic that grow on organic matter like cedar fallen leafs and other are Mycorrhiza a symbiotic association between a fungus and the roots of a vascular plant. It grows in fall season under conditions of normal temperature 15 to 20cͦ and high humidity, two species founded by the habitants called “BOULBES” and “AAFESS” non-poisonous and can be eaten.

BOULBES, mainly under the ground and hard to collect, known by its firmness and excellent taste, it can be cooked or eaten raw also it can be frozen for later use.

As for the AAFESS easy to collect and it can be cooked only in many ways
Other genus known to be found: Lycoperdon sp., Boletus sp., Cortinarius sp., Armillaria sp.,Melanoleuca sp.,Agaricus sp, Macrolepiota sp.,Stropharia sp, Trichaptum sp…

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