The Jordan Tourism Board is proud to welcome His Holiness Pope Francis I on his pilgrimage to the site of Jesus’ baptism at Bethany Beyond the Jordan. This visit, the fourth papal visit of its kind, will emphasize the biblical importance of sites around Jordan as well as illustrate the depth of coexistence between Jordanians of different faiths. His Holiness and His Majesty King Abdullah II met earlier this week at the Vatican to discuss his upcoming visit.

Pope Francis will be meeting with His Majesty King Abdullah II and other Jordanian officials on the 24th of May before heading to Amman International Stadium to give a mass sermon open to the public. Afterwards, His Holiness will head to the Baptism Site before meeting with a few sick and disabled people and Iraqi and Syrian refugees.

“His Holiness’ visit to the Kingdom not only underlines Jordan’s religious significance for Christian pilgrims, it reiterates the message we’re sharing with guests of Jordan about the coexistence in the diverse cultures and faiths around Jordan that is reflected in our varied historical and religious sites spanning millennia, civilizations and religions,” said Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director of the Jordan Tourism Board.

Director General of the Baptism Site Commission Mr. Dia Madani said “His Holiness Pope Francis I has come to the holy site of Jesus’ Baptism to be blessed by the waters of the Jordan River and bless his disabled and refugee guests in the same waters where Jesus Christ was baptized.”

On his pilgrimage in the year 2000, the late Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church designated five sites around the country as pilgrimage sites for the year 2000.