We met Egyptian blogger and activist Tareq Shalabi at Arabnet 2014 in Beirut, and we had this interview.

Can you please introduce yourself to the Lebanese Digital community?

My name is Tareq Shalabi, I am partner and creative director at Digital Creative Agency in Cairo “the Planet”, more importantly I am also a blogger, an activist in Egypt and a member of the Revolutionary Socialist.

What is the importance of Digital Summit in the Arab World?

It’s important  for us to speak together, it’s good also to talk about our problems and how to solve it but mostly those events end up being commercial and brands trying to market themselves, that’s the bad part of it. But if we look at the bright side, young people filled with energy came together, exchange ideas about how to get rid of corruption and  poverty and how make the world a better place.

What exactly is the role  of the Arab Spring in the Digital Revolution?

What the revolution did, regardless if it failed or not, people rose up and started to ask for their rights, started to feel humiliated and begins their fight against social injustice. People were expressing themselves in different ways, per example Graffiti art in Egypt had matured enormously. In the tech field, many people came up with great ideas like how to create their own apps, their own platform to fight these big corporations. I am happy to see that the revolution had inspired us to  believe in ourselves and to liberate us from poverty, knowing that the Government  interests are totally against ours.

Do you consider yourself a blogger, an activist, an entrepreneur or a rebellion??

 I am a member of the Revolutionary Socialist, and our  aim is to fight the brutal capital regime, the poverty and to have social justice.  That could be done in different ways and I am pride to be part of it. I am also happy to see  young Egyptians and Arabs working in group, whether they call themselves revolutionaries or not , they are fighting the regime and changing the system.