Some of you girls are seeing guys  who are still in the comfort / friend zone . sometimes things need to be pushed a little to fall into love territory . And in case you are waiting for him , consider he is getting ambiguous signs  from you . Here is some astrological bitch-slapping to stir things up .

Aries: Speak in a lower tone, and let him decide once in a while.

Wear some baby blue, and some flower print


Taurus: Cook for him, and choose his small articles or gadgets instead of criticizing.

Squeeze something pink on you , flower based perfume


Gemini:  Do NOT tell him your life stories. and come to dates alone

Metal jewelry and some deep blue will do wonders


Cancer: Keep your expectations low, no need to go look for homes on a first date.

Wearing red and having some colorful crystals on you would be great.


Leo:   Thicken your skin a bit, most probably he is not into pop quiz

Go wild with your hair ( it is beautiful ) . Soft blue will harmonize the date


Virgo: Let him be for God sake, you are not his “auntie” . Choose the restaurant.

Anything except brown or black. Turquoise stone or color will light things up


Libra:  Let go of his mind , try grabbing other things . No need for him to know that you know

Use your great laugh and giggle by smacking flashy lipstick.


Scorpio: Be his partner , not his rival , otherwise he would have been dating his buddy

Some nice crystals around the chest area will make him plunge there


Sagittarius: Try landing on earth from time to time , it is nicer than you think .

Legs , legs and some more legs . use them . Sexy black is a must


Capricorn: No need to lay down your insecurities in front of him , He likes you , isn’t that enough?

Clear crystals on you will harmonize your meetings . Try secluded places


Aquarius :  if you really like him and want a relation  , try a kiss or a hug , it won’t kill you

It is a date , dress accordingly , a glass of wine would set the right mood


Pisces :   Unless he is gay , he is not into drama , talk present , and future . put off your fone

Pastel shades and earthy colors will put things back on track. Avoid silver colors


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