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Unfortunately, lately the talk has been more about the killing of so many beautiful ladies in beautiful Lebanon.

Some people wonder, why this is happening a lot lately. The answer is simple, it is not new, but the only good news about those horrible stories is that nowadays, families are daring to talk about it loudly, not as before, when they used to hide it and keep an eternal unhealed wound in their hearts.

This time the beast made a double hit, in one shot he killed the mother and the baby in her womb. Roukayya Mounzer received a killing bullet as mother’s day gift this year. Another beast, another monster, who will probably be released soon. Roukayya dared to ask for divorce, she was granted a bullet. This is how much men of my country are confident that they won’t be punished. This is how much they are protected by the law and by the patriarchal society.

Story of Roula Yaacoub haunted the media and our minds for a while, then Manal Assi, then Christelle was next. Roukayya Mounzer, the last one so far didn’t make the same impact on the media. Did it become common news? Not really.

Women of my country made a promise not to stop the war against this kind of terrorism. They are going forward slowly, but surely. Yes, they will surely beat the beast, they will surely kill the ego and negative confidence of those monsters.

We thank  many of the  men politicians who are becoming very sensitive and sometimes even aggressive about the subject. We like to mention Mr Samy Gemayel and Mr Ghassan Moukheiber, and many others who declared their support and their fight against domestic violence. Those men are highly respected by us, they were surely raised by real women, real ladies and queens, like many other Lebanese men. They don’t accept the woman to be treated less than a princess. We quote the following saying: “ the man who treats his woman like a princess is the proof that he has been raised by a queen.”

Last but not least, a quick request or advice to any battered woman, before talking to your husband about divorce, please don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a professional, could it be a Psychologist, social assistant, a religious person or a special organization. Many women are saved this way.