Known today as Saint John-Marcus Church, this church was built in several phases during the 12th-13th centuries. Construction began in 1115, with additional structures added over time, such as the Italianate style cupola with an open air baptistery (13th century) in the northwest corner.

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In the 18th century, the church was given to the Maronite community by Emir Youssef Chehab. It was severely damaged during the British bombardment of 1840, and, in 1947, it was restored and the bell tower was added.

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The architectural style of the church is Roman but reflects the oriental Byzantine influence. Each one of the church’s three naves ends with a semi-circular apse. In the garden to the west of the church, adjacent to the church courtyard, are traces of mosaic paving and the foundations from an earlier Byzantine church that once stood on this site.

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