Beirut, Lebanon – December 2014: After CME announced their Independence App competition, 9 different teams from 6 universities participated and came up with some innovative and dynamic ideas, attracting over 4000+ users in a single week. The competition was intended to give $2000 to the winning app, but two teams came up with outstanding ideas that encouraged CME to double the prize up to $4000 splitting it equally among the two participants.

About the winners!

Save The Flag (Available on both Android and iPhone) by Peter Azar and Rami Allam (both from ESIB): It is a game that reflects our current situation and the way our army is fighting terrorism all over the country in every corner. “The biggest obstacle we came across was finding a way to take the theme presented to us and translate it into an entertaining game” said Peter Azar and Rami Allam. The team seems very excited to build on top of the current app and take it to the next level.
Watani (Available on Android only) by Rene Haddad, Christopher Barakat and Elie Mhawej (All from Université Antonine): It is a quiz app that tests the user’s knowledge about Lebanon and rewards him/her with Lebanese military ranks. The app is very special in its technology and a material design user experience. “We really appreciate and support similar initiatives that establish a common ground between an academic path, a patriotic spirit and an enterprise or a business need!” said Professor Talar Atechian who offered a full guidance to the Antonine team since the first day.
The Independence App competition, and the apps which are now available on the market for download were a great opportunity to build the bridge between students and corporate environment, between technology and civic engagement, between various Lebanese stakeholders and all those who believe in our country and the potential of its youth. The political science institute at USJ, embracing this vision, will partner to help develop and promote the winning apps.

What’s next?

“Due to the success of the independence day competition, CME is now much more excited to launch another competition with a new touch that will always reflect our vision for Lebanese talents,” said Wissam Youssef, General Manager of CME Offshore.