Jean-Sébastien Abaldonato better known as Sébastien El Chato (born in Marseille France on 5 April 1961) is a French singer and guitar player of Romaniorigin.[1] He is based in Paris and has had a long string of albums since 1976.

Born to a French gypsy family of Andalusian descent, he started singing at a very young age of 5 in Marseille. He had his first studio recording in Spain appearing with  aolo Escobar and at age 8 was introduced by Dalida to the French public. 1978 his fame was established through a number of gitane songs and throughout the 1980s appeared on French television with his interpretations. In 1987, his album Je l’aime had great commercial success followed by ImagineGarde la and Le cœur d’une mère. His compilation album Best of Gipsy was marketed internationally finding good sales.

Sebastien El Chato, Casino du Liban 13, 14 Feb