Solving the major issue of the Selfie Stick—i.e. where do you store it between shots?!—Miz Mooz has introduced a laser-cut heel in a lovely vintage cherry shade that’s about to solve all your picture-taking problems.

As Cheryl Matson, Miz Mooz’s design director, said, “The selfie stick is a great solution to a problem. But, in turn, it has created a new problem. This was the opportunity for Miz Mooz to create an even greater solution.”
In a completely serious campaign that’s definitely not in anyway related to April Fools’ Day, Miz Mooz has unveiled its latest shoe innovation: selfie shoes.
With smartphone docking ports on both feet, the selfie shoes offer a glimpse of a terrifying dystopian future that we hope never actually comes to pass.
Let’s see when it will arrive to Lebanon, and if it will be adopted by Lebanese Selfie addicts.
For more info, Watch the short video above,