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VOIR Avec le COEUR… Another event at the prestigious “Residence des Pins”… Glamroz never misses those events, of course. Every time I step in the garden of this residence is like the first time…. Always a big joy fills my heart, sensation of the old fashion elegance, a reminder of the real beauty of life. The lights outside and inside this palace are so welcoming, bringing to the spirit the warmth of the old Lebanon mixed to the charm of old Paris. The event of this night is sponsored by Alpha, and the stars are the students of the LSBD, the Lebanese School for the Blind and Deaf. In fact this was my first encounter with this school, and it was a very important one. Sculptures fill the tables in two big rooms, work of blind and deaf artists. Small statues prepared with clay and covered by bronze. One of the assistants of the blinds joined us to ask if any help is needed and to introduce us to Mohammad, one of the artists. Mohammad who is a handsome young man, dressed in a nice black suit, told us about how he does his sculptures using his tactile senses, that is replacing his vision. Very impressive. Politicians and public figures are all around, like MP Dori Chamoun, Ms Layla el Soloh, MP Hagop Pakradonian, and many other public figures from the media world.

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Everybody joined the ambassador Patrice Paoli to the opening of the evening. His excellence surprised everybody by an introduction in Arabic. Followed couple of songs performed by the choir and the musicians from the LSBD. All the attendance was invited to a cocktail in the oriental room, then back to the recital that lasted over an hour. The main fan of those great voices was his excellence Mr Paoli, who’s humbleness and simplicity always amazes me. His wife joined him the whole night, and their sweet presence added to the heavenly charm of this special evening. The music was well chosen, between “La Vie en Rose” of Edith Piaf, to songs of Late giant singer Wadih Safi and great Feyrouz, the ambiance was simply enchanting. Watching and listening to those people who are called “handicapped” or “blind” made me feel that I am the imperfect person and I am surrounded by so many handicapped people…!!! Our handicap is mental and spiritual…!!! It seems like if those blind people could see with their heart..While we are blinded but what we see with our eyes..!!!

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