Female Politicians getting huge inspirations . Today almost every country where Female politicians who are contributing well here is the list of the 30 most beautiful Politicians from the world . Kate Elli , Sabine Herol and some others are included the list .

#1 : Eunice Olsen : From (Singapore)

most beautiful diva in the world
Eunice Olsen is one of the beautiful and hottest Politicians in the world , She is Miss Singapore Universe pageant in 2000 . She was appointed as the Nominated Member of Parliament in Singapore . Her freshness in style , makeup , and fashion brings her on the top .

#2 : Eva Kaili : From (Greece) 

the leading diva of greece
Eva Kaili the former TV presenter , who joins the Politics career in Greece and become the most famous names under the Hellenic Parliament . She became Member of the Special Committee for Hellenes Abroad (Hellenic Diaspora) . She has also holds the responsibility of Member of the Committee for National Defense and Foreign Affairs . She has got the award of Greek women of 2011 for Der Spiegel.

#3 : Hina Rabbani Khar : From (Pakistan) –

most beautiful politician of Pakistan

Hina Rabbani Khar nodoubt that she is one of the beautiful Pakistan , Politician female from Pakistan Peoples Party. She has a great taste in the selection of the fashionable items from hand bag to Jewelry . She is the 26th Foreign Minister of Pakistan . She is married women and mother of the 2 Children .

#4 : Alina Kabaeva : From (Russia) 

most beautiful diva girls
Alina Kabaeva the most beautiful Gymnast sports athlete of Russia , who become a politician , She belongs to the Political party of the “United Russia” . She is State Duma deputy from the United Russia party . Nodoubt she is the beautiful girls in the politics of the world and Russia .

#5 : Luciana Leon : From (Peru)

awesome politician of of south america
Luciana Leon the Peru Politician , daughter of Rómulo León Alegría , a most powerful Politicians in country . Luciana Leon has been most beautiful , charming , good looking and most fashionable women in the Politics of Peru.

#6 : Yuri Fujikawa : From (Japan)

most hottest girls in Japan politics
Yuri Fujikawa when 27 , she surprised allots of the election candidates as she won Hachinohe city council elections. She is already selected before for the most attractive Politicians in the world .

#7 : Natalie Rickli : From (Switzerland)

most hottest girls
Natalie Rickli is one of the beautiful girls in the Politics of the Switzerland , She is one of the successful politicians , She has held an MP position at the National Council of Switzerland since 2007. She is in the list due to her charm , beautiful looks , and fashion style .

#8 : Mara Carfagna : From (Italy)best Politician in the world

The Italian politician and former showgirl , She has been Minister for Equal Opportunity from 2008-2011 . She is one of the most attractive Politician in the world , check the list (Attractive Politicians) .

#9 : Marianne Thiem : From (Netherlands)

hottest women in dutch politicians
Marianne Thiem is one of the most beautiful Netherlands politicians , she is member of “Party for the Animals” very beautiful , good looking , charming in style , and great taste in the selection of Fashion item selection . She make her place in 9th place .

#10 : Louise Mensch : From (England)

hottest Politicians
Louise Mensch , she is an English author who write’s under her maiden name , She is the part of the Conservative Member of Parliament for Corby from 2010 to 2012 . She is one of the most beautiful British Politicians and author. She joins the Political party “Conservative (before 1996 and since 1997)” .

#11 : Toireasa Ferris : From (Ireland)

hottest women 2014
Toiréasa Ferris is an Irish Sinn Féin politician , she is a beautiful women in Ireland of Politics working under the political party “Sinn Féin”.

#12 : Kate Ellis : From (Australia)

most beautiful australian
Kate Ellis a very beautiful Politician from Australia , who represent the political party “Australian Labor Party”. The 36 year old most beautiful fashion icons of the Politicians in Australia . She is Member of the Australian Parliament since 2004 .

#13 : Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler : From (Germany)

top politician women in 2014
Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler the Politician female women who belong to the Germany . She is the membar of the Social Democratic Party of Germany . he served as the German government’s commissioner on drug-related issues.

#14 : Hillevi Larsson : From (Sweden)

the top girls 2014
Hillevi Larsson the most beautiful and charming face of the Sweden from Politics . She was Swedish social democratic politician and she is the member of the Riksdag since 2004 . She is one of the successful working political women in the Sweden .

#15 : Cayetana Álvarez : From (Spain)

hottest politician in  spain
Cayetana Álvarez belongs to the Spain Politics , she is one of the top Politicians from current few years in the Spanish Politics . She is the part of the “People’s Party” . She is deputy for Madrid in the Spanish Parliament .

#16 : Vera Lischka : From (Austria)

hot politician in the world
Vera Lischka , an Athlete , but now working as politician . She is the member of the “Social Democratic Party of Austria” She is one of the hottest European Politician .

#17 : Gabriela Cuevas Barron : From (Mexico)

Barron gabriela 2014 hottest
She is the member of the Mexico National Action Party , She is one of the top beauties in the South America region in Political arena . She served as federal deputy in the lower house of the Mexican Congress .

#18 : Orly Levy : From (Israel)

hottest diva
Orly Levy is one of the most beautiful girls of the Israel Politics , she is a member of the Knesset for Likud Yisrael Beiteinu . She is one of the best inspiration for women in Political .

#19 : Sabine Uitslag : From (Netherlands)

cute politician
Sabine Uitslag , the female politician from the Netherlands , is one of the charming , best looking and fresh women in Dutch politics . She is a member of the Christian Democratic Appeal in Netherlands .

#20 : Ruby Dhalla : From (Canada)

richest divas of Polticis
Ruby Dhalla the most beautiful and one of the leading female politicians from Canada . Ruby Dhalla is member of the Liberal Party of Canada . She is Member of the Canadian House of Commons since 2004 . She is one of the pretty faces of the Canada in Politics .

#21 : Julia Bonk : From (Germany)

julia bonk earnings 2014
Julia Bonkis a Left Party politician in the Landtag of Saxony , She is one of the youngest elected politicians in the Germany at the age of 18 she became the youngest member of a parliament in Germany . She get her education from “Dresden University of Technology”.

#22 : Bibiana Aíd : From (Spain)

hottest politicians of spain
Bibiana Aíd is one of the beautiful Politicians of the Spain , who served as Minister for Equality , She is the member of the “Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party” .

#23 : Anna-Maria Galojan : From (Estonia)

beautiful Women in Politics
Anna-Maria Galojan is leading female politicians from the Estonia , she is beautiful , well managed personality in the politics of the Estonia .

#24 : Joanna Mucha : From (Poland)

extra ordinary politician
Joanna Mucha , Polish liberal politician, economist, former member of the Polish Sejm . She is the member of the Political party “Civic Platform”.

#25 : Kirsten Gillibrand : From (United States)

beautiful polticians in USA
Kirsten Gillibrand , Senator (D-NY) since 2009 , She is the junior United States Senator from New York . She is one of the beautiful women in United States Politicians .

#26 : Michela Vittoria-Brambilla : From (Italy)

Italian politicians
Michelle Vittoria-Brambillam one of the top Politicians of Italy , She is nominated undersecretary in the Berlusconi IV Cabinet and appointed Minister of Culture and Tourism, position held until 2011 . She is the beautiful fiction of the Italian Politics .

#27 : Strida Geagea : From (Lebanon)

beautiful minster in lebonan
She is one top politicians in the Lebanon. She is the leading women in the politics of Lebanon , she born in Ghana but living in the Lebanon.

#28 : Yulia Tymoshenko : From (Ukraine)

beautiful politicians

#29 : Sara Latife Ruiz Chavez : From (Mexico)

most beautiful mexican diva politicans

#30 : Gretchen Whitmer : From (United States)

most powerful women in world

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