A shocking picture of a little child being threatened at security gunpoint is being posted on international and Arab social media.
They are saying that it might have some political purposes for one or each parties, but this is not the concern. The authenticity of the picture, apparently taken in a predominantly Christian Armenian village near the Syrian border with Turkey, has not yet been verified.
But if proven legitimate – either as a genuine hostage situation or a horrifying propaganda exercise designed to undermine the rebels – the photo would mark a sickening new low in a bloody and brutal conflict that’s already claimed more than 150,000 lives.

“Leaders” create war, sick and useless people play the game, and innocents pay the price.
It has been like this since the creation of the world, when would people understand not to be used by tyrants and dictators? Those people always thirsty for blood and money.
Why do children have to pay the price of the ignorance of adults? Some times it seems like it is better if the world would be ruled by kids, and they will have the power to punish the adults.
I feel sad when I see the youth of my country cheering for a Leader who killed thousands. They even fight at Universities, they fight in families, they fight in society, because each of them is following a sick “leader”. Why don’t we keep ourselves busy with sports and entertainment. Why do religion and politics need to control our life?
Wake up Lebanese, wake up Arabs, the world is coming forward and we are going back to the stone era.