Every week we have a subject that keeps all the Lebanese and the media busy. Maybe this is part of the charm of this country. If we don’t have an explosion or a natural disaster to talk about, we focus on domestic violence, which is the latest “trend”. Not bad, at least this cause is valid, and fighting for it could bring some good for the humanity, for the country and mainly for women.
Latest issue is the visit of the Maronite Patriarch to the Holy Land.
I don’t understand why this issue is supposed to be that complicated. Or some people – again- are using religion for political purposes.
It is personal, this Holy man is the head of the catholic church for this part of the planet, and the head of catholic church on the planet is visiting the homeland of Jesus, The first and ultimate Leader of the whole church. Simple math. So why it wouldn’t be allowed to the Maronite Patriarch to visit with the Pope the land where Jesus, the big Boss was born? What does politics have to do with it? Is he going to make peace with political Leaders? Is he going to fight? NO and NO. He is only going to kneel and pray in the Holy Land that originally belonged to Jesus. A land that each Christian would die to visit. And a land that no one should forbid us from visiting.
Isn’t it so ironic that Jews and Muslims have been fighting for decades and more to “own” the land that Jesus blessed, where he was born and where he sacrificed himself for to save the humanity.
Anyway, no matter what everyone thinks about it, the decision goes to the Church and to the leaders of the Church.
I hope the peace of Jesus will spread on this land, I hope the visit of the Pope and all the prayers will bless this land in a way to stop all the wars, and I hope that one day soon, all the Christians on the planet will be allowed to freely get blessed from this land.
Please take one minute to read the point of view of the Patriarch about his visit, and let us all keep an open mind, and accept other’s thoughts and beliefs, especially when they don’t hurt anyone.
God bless the Patriarche, God bless the Pope and God bless the whole Church.