A junior star is born: SiMi MERHEB
His name is everywhere, his videos are shared by thousands. Who is he?
SIMI MERHEB is a new artist who made it to the hearts of people mainly through two ways: his creative fun velfies and the fact that he is the son of a late famous artist, Alain Merheb.
The new generation doesn’t know Alain Merheb, but many had probably danced on his songs. Wherever there is a party with Arabic music, the famous Houwwara songs of Alain Merheb are the main dabkeh songs. He was also a famous dabkeh dancer.
Back to SiMi, the son, a young handsome artist who looks like a Hollywood star. He probably took the humor of his late father, who was also a comedian. SiMi didn’t invent the velfies, but he is definitely the one spreading them locally. By Definition, a velfie is a video selfie. A video of any length that is taken by the subject of the video. It is a mix of first person and third person point of view, accomplished by extending the camera away from the body (either via arm or hand-held tripod). The camera may also be attached to to the body (or piece of sports equipment such as bicycle or surfboard) to make an “action velfie.”
SiMi, or Issam Merheb, in his creative velfies, is following the “observational comedy” style. This style consists on making fun of everyday life, often by observing the silliness of something that society accepts as normal.
And here SiMi has a lot to talk about, in our crazy and beautiful society.
Looking forward for more of your velfies SiMi… Thank you for bring the laugh out of the drama….
Check the video above, one of favorties, the Cedar lounge Velfie… 😀