544115_10152110856379695_158260641_n 8-august Layla Kanaan Nabbout, a name not yet famous in Lebanon, but already has an important portfolio. As many real artists, she is a passionate of her art and she refuses to use it for commercial purpose. Layla is a Lebanese Soprano and Artist painter who has been living in Northern France for the last 16 years. She is married to a Lebanese surgeon and has three children. She studied “Arts Plastiques” at ALBA (l’Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts), the prestigious art university in Beirut, and started a career in teaching arts. Meanwhile Layla was performing her voice and preparing beautiful paintings. She sang one of the most famous Lebanese christian songs, “khebez w Khamr w Mayy” which lyrics were written by the hermit Youhanna Khawand, and music by Raymond Khallouf.10300801_10152502581384695_8572818346665909539_n Layla got her CEM ( Certificat d’Etudes Musicales) from the “Conservatoire Municipal à Rayonnement Communal de THIONVILLE, France” with Madame Véronique Klesse (Mezzo Soprano), who herself was a student of Madame Elizabeth Grümmer (Soprano). She also took many Master Classes with many of the most famous European Sopranos and tenors, and some in Lebanon at the Lebanese conservatoire. Layla is now preparing for her PAR (Parcours Amateur Renforce) concert at the Adagio on the 30th of  April 2015 along with an exposition of her paintings. Since 1995 Layla presented lot of concerts mainly in Europe. We are lucky to have the chance to attend her unique concert in Lebanon this summer, on August 8, at Ghalboun Festival. For more info, check the details below and call the numbers showing to make a reservation. Welcome to Lebanon Ms Layla Kanaan Nabbout, we are looking forward to watch you and listen to your heavenly voice in couple of weeks. 10489969_10152627233385649_7379321367198120446_n