Despite all the trouble and chaos the country is living, Lebanese festivals all over the country were illuminated by shows and concerts presented by international and national artists.
Among all the big famous names, a star was shining from far, in fact not too far, from France. The Soprano Layla Kanaan Nabbout, who was introduced by Glamroz in a previous article ( ) presented one of the best concerts of summer 2014. Yes, literally one of the best, and yes, the best of the opera.
“Too much of a good thing could be wonderful” and, indeed, this is the case with the concert of Soprano Layla Kanaan Nabbout. leila nabbout

The concert took place just few kilometers away from Byblos, the oldest city in the world, in the beautiful Saint George historic church in Ghalboun, the typical old Lebanese village that kept its original image. Beautiful venue, beautiful people and a divine voice that transported the audience into a special state of consciousness, a trip to heaven. leila nabbout

Layla demonstrated her versatility and great voice by performing a varied program including,:
 “Zitte Nicht”, and “Der Holle Rache”from The “Reine de La Nuit” of Mozart.
 Our Father and Hail mary prayers in Syriac.
 “Je veux vivre” air de Julietta, and “ Dieu quell frisson court dans mes veines” from theOpera of Romeo & Juliette, of Charles Gounod.
 Un bel di Vedremo, from the Opera Madame Butterfly.
 Glitter and be Gay, from “l’Operette Candide de Leonard de Bernstein”.
 “Khebz w Khamr w May”, Lebanese Christian song, lyrics by the Hermit Youhanna Khawand, and music my Raymond Khallouf.
The soprano was accompanied by the French Pianist Mr Thierry Windremaire, who came especially from France for this concert. leila nabbout

With each performance of the concert, the listeners were invited into a sacred space to make their private journey along the beautiful voice that took them to a special world. I would like to quote Ms May Mnassa when she said that Layla has the inner and outer beauty. And no matter what we say, no one could compete with what Ms Mnassa who is a famous writer and critic, said and wrote about her, in a beautiful and well deserved article in the ANNAHAR newspaper. Check the article here.
We thank you Layla for an unforgettable evening and for being one of the Lebanese who are helping raise the Lebanese high despite all the ordeals. We are looking forward to attend your next performance in Lebanon in the summer 2015.