Why bad things happen to good people…?
A question we raise every time we see or live unfairness in life.
Every time we see good and beautiful hearts get hurt while bad and wicked hearts are enjoying life.
Issam Breidy, a man known by most of Lebanese, if not by name, by sight on TV.
I am one of those people who knows him through television. The impression I have when I hear his name or see his photo is a bright one, a smiley one.

He is one of those faces that smoothly invades our homes, our nights and close gatherings, especially the winter nights where we cuddle on the couch watching tv, relaxing after a busy working day. One of those people we would like to watch and hear when we just want to relax and detox our brain from the daily mental and emotional pollution.
He is funny, witty, handsome, successful, helpful, educated, young, and loved.
I am one of millions who never met him in real, but cried him a lot the last few days.
Three letters that no books, nor philosophers, or writers, or scientists or religious people can answer in situations like this. In fact, it is not only one WHY, but so many “why”s.
Why did we cry him? 
Why did he die?
Why God didn’t save him?
Why was it raining that night?
Why…. And why… And many WHYs his parents and close ones are asking.
Wissam his  brother asked this why in one of his first comments in the media in the first few hours after the accident. And he replied to himself that God will give him the answer for sure. The faith of Wissam is a proof of the power of God. His faith made him say at the funeral that he is happy to know that his brother is with Jesus Christ who needs him in heaven. He said it with so much confidence that made us feel so weak. Obviously his parents are not as strong as him. And I understand them. This is an unbearable pain, the ultimate pain in life, the loss of a loved one.

In few days, most of us will forget about all this, we will go back to our routine, our crazy fast and furious driving in the messy Lebanese roads, that once were called by a visitor from Switzerland: the roads of hell. 

Wissam, you might have already received the message or answer for the why given to you by your brother or by God Himself. I believe there will be many of them.
But there was a big lesson for all of us, and a scary one: to drive safely. 

The simplest way I see it is that God wanted to send us an awareness message, a strong one, and who could he find better messenger than one of his angels. We might believe that angels are invisible like ghosts, which seems not to be true. It appeared that God spread few angels on earth as humans. And sometimes the price to pay for an angel is to give up his life to save many others. 

The death of Issam who I never met made me see some facts, about why good things happen to bad people. Those bad things that might shake our faith, in humanity, in goodness and rarely in God’s justice. Isn’t God supposed to be good? So how would he allow this to happen? How would He allow the killing of so many innocent Christians? 

Sorry Wissam, we all disappointed you. We couldn’t feel happy watching the funeral of your brother. Although we understood exactly what you meant by celebrating his life etc. Sorry Wissam I couldn’t hold my tears while the convoy passed near my office on Monday. Sorry I couldn’t feel happy to see this lifeless body who was the life by itself getting buried.

This volcano of Joy, ambition and energy dead while so many living humans are walking around with empty brains and hearts. 
One thing is sure, even while in his grave, Issam will be more alive than many others who are still breathing.
Let his memory be eternal.

Al Masih Kam…. Hakkan Kam.