The gracefully tall brunette with heartwarming eyes takes all risks in each of her albums. And every single one is a Gold Record! She has it all; sharp words, charming boldness and that unique voice that invites you to be her accomplice. “The Arab Joan Baez ” for some, “the Tracy Chapman of Africa” for others, Souad Massi has long since surpassed labels and clichés.

Aesthete, composed, cultivated, the former urban architect leans towards universality. In her new album, “Al Mutakalimûn” (Masters of the Word) released in 2015, Souad Massi returns on stage to pay tribute to some of the greatest poets of Arabic literature: texts by Abou Madi (Lebanon), Abou Kacem El Chabi (Tunisia), El Moutanabi (Iraq) amongst others are put in music and interpreted like never before. “A welcome, ambitious and thoughtful album for the comeback of a very inspired Souad Massi” (The Guardian)

Souad Massi concert, Musichall Waterfront, 22nd September 2015