In the southeast section of the historic city, near the entrance of the archaeological site, is a small square built by Emir Youssef Chehab in the 18th century. The Mosque of the Sultan Abdul Majid and the Saydet al-Bouebeh Church (Our Lady of the Gate) are located in this square. West of the square is a vaulted passageway leading to the old harbor.

North and northwest of the square, St-John Marcus Church and the Wax museum. East of the square are the old souks (markets), which have been restored by the Department of Antiquities in the 1970s. The Old souk of Byblos is an old market where tourists can shop for souvenirs and antiques, or simply stroll along the old cobblestone streets and enjoy the architecture.For a real taste of Byblos, stroll through the streets and byways. This part of town is a collection of old walls (some medieval) overlapping properties and intriguing half-ruins.