A young Syrian boy has been labelled a hero after video footage emerged appearing to show him braving a shower of bullets to rescue another child trapped in the middle of a shoot-out.


Footage released by the Shaam News Network, a news channel run by Syrian activists in Damascus, appears to show the boy initially lying on the ground as gunfire shots ring out near piles of bricks and rubble. The child is then seen getting up and running towards the burnt out shell of a car.

As he runs, he is seemingly hit by sniper fire. The boy stumbles and collapses to the ground, apparently dead.Seconds later, he clambers back up off the floor and darts towards a terrified girl crouching behind the vehicle. A group of men can be heard exclaiming “allahu akbar” (God is great) when they realise he is still alive.

The boy then grabs the girl’s arm and pulls her back through sniper fire before disappearing behind the wall of a building. Both children appear to survive the ordeal.

Click above to watch the impressive video from youtube. It has already been watched by almost a million and a half viewers.