Situated on the south western slopes of al Makmel mountain, Ehden the summer destination of the North is 110 kn from Beirut and 30 km away from Tripoli. With an altitude of 1450 m Ehden and surroundings benefit from the very same mountainous climate that allowed the Ehden nature reserve to host within the most biodiverse forest of Lebanon the famous cedar trees emblem of Lebanon’s identity.

Ehden is one hour and a half away from Beirut by car through the Jbeil Chekka Kousba Tourza route and 30 min away from Tripoli through the Zghorta road.

Ehden is a vivid and rich illustration of the history of the area whether religious or not religious. It is home to town of legendary patriarchs of the Maronite faith and of heroes of Lebanese independence during the Ottoman era. With its Mediterranean and mountainous identity it is also an incredible location to enjoy the scenic beauty and the biodiversity of the North of Lebanon.

1-Visit Kannoubine Valley:


2- Enjoy beautiful Ehden


3- Hike Ehden Nature Reserve


4- Visit Saint Mema Church, the oldest Maronite Church in LebanonCitymall , beirut 255

5- Attend Ehdeniyat International Festival 2014PIER3404_wm

6- Indulge yourself with Kebbeh Krass


7-  Stay at Al Midan Ehden


8- Visit Mar Geryes church


 9-Stay at Kroum Ehden Hotel


 10-Eat at Ferdwass restaurant


To know more about Ehden, Check this touristic brochure