Following the nomination of the new Lebanese Cabinet, a digital wave invaded the social media bidding farewell to Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui.
Nicolas Sehnaoui was the Minister of Telecommunications of Lebanon, a position he has held since June 2011. Since taking office, and in just less than 3 years years, Sehnaoui has successfully transformed Lebanon’s telecommunications infrastructure from bottom-ranked economy-stifling to leading-edge globally-competitive.

Check the Lebanese Ministry of  Telecommunications Progress Report Video on Top.
Mr Sehnoui was a Strong believer that the power of a Young Digital Lobby can change Lebanon. He was always the nice next door guy who will respond personally on his FB, instagram and twitter accounts.

Minister Sehnoui introduces himself as follows: Lebanese Citizen/Minister/Geek – Fan of Comic Super Heroes, Pink Floyd and Stars Wars. He will always preserve the position of most active Lebanese Political figure on Twitter and in real life.

Thank you for inspiring our digital community…..

And tonight Minister Sehnaoui adressed the digital community:

“Good evening everyone

I have 3 important messages and 1 Call to Action I would like to communicate tonight.

Excuse me if it’s long but hope you can follow it till the end.

Message 1 to the Team of the Ministry of Telecom

To the team at the Ministry, and at the Operators Alfa, Touch and Ogero.

Putting Lebanon on the Digital World Map could not have been achieved without you.

The hope mentioned by our Youth today is only due to your dedication and hard work.

It will always be my pride to have served Lebanon surrounded by such a team of great Men and Women.

Message 2 to General Aoun, Minister Bassil and Minister Charbel Nahhas

I would like to thank General Aoun for giving my team and I the chance to prove ourselves and his wise guidance through every step of the way.

I thank also Minister Nahhas and Minister Bassil for laying the foundation of many projects which we were able to complete and deliver to the Citizens of Lebanon.

You have placed the sector’s progress and reform on track and we were able to accelerate it and to take some parts to completion.

Message 3 to Minister Boutros Harb

Our team and I wish you good luck. Although we don’t belong to the same political party we are united by a common goal which is to serve Lebanon and our fellow citizens.

We remain ready to provide you with any help which would facilitate keeping the fast progress of the sector on track.

But, in a positive and constructive way, we will also be keeping together with the Young Digital Lobby, a keen attention on the digital road map and its progresses.

The hopes and aspirations of our Digital Community can move mountains and if disappointed we will do just that.

Finally a Call to Action to our Digital Community

I have spent my whole life wanting to change the world but never knew how.

You taught me how. Through every tweet and post, through every social
awareness campaign and every viral video, you are seamlessly changing our society every day.

The messages and tweets you have sent me in the past 24 hours where touching and inspiring.

They made me realize more than ever what it is that unites us all.

The strong belief that Technology and Digital Communication can change our lives for the better.

So let’s make a pact. To never give up. To always raise our voice. To keep pushing for Lebanon’s Digital Economy.

To keep creating and proposing new ideas and new apps. To never doubt that we can reach the world, from here, from Lebanon, from our homes and offices.

Not only can we reach the world, but we can amaze it, we can change it and I am sure we will.

Stay connected.”

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