Since I was a child I always wondered what the word Hero meant. Was it a superman? Batman? The prince who saved sleeping beauty? Etc
For me, my hero was my dad who was working hard to provide to his big beautiful family a decent life. But still, in my mind, there most have been another kind of heroes in the world, like the ones I read about in the fairy tales I used to read, the ones who save lot of people, the ones who die to save others.

Till the day I started to understand the war and I started seeing real heroes from the Lebanese army fall for the country.
At one point during the Lebanese war, due to the occupation of Lebanon by foreign armies and the presence of so many militias, the Lebanese army lost its power and concrete presence in Lebanon. They made us believe as children that our army was weak, as for leadership and soldiers. But I always heard my dad repeating that the Lebanese army is very strong. Couldn’t understand why he was so sure about it.

Then one day this sleeping dragon rose from the ashes and showed its real power. And the country in all the religions supported those fighters in every way. It was so strong to the point that so many young men volunteered to fight on their side.

No matter what the battle was about, or what the consequences where, one thing was sure, we all gained back our confidence in the Lebanese army and this was when I knew that we were always mislead, and that yes, we have a strong army we can rely on to protect the country even from the worst and strongest enemies. Our soldiers are the best in the world, but we, as people and citizens we have only to support them at least by our love and appreciation.
From that day, I have an unlimited admiration and high respect to every single person, man or woman, who wears this greenish patched suit. And for decades now, my respect and appreciation for them are growing every day.

Every time I see soldiers in the streets, walking or in a military vehicle, my first reaction is to smile to them and ask God to protect them forever.
Lately the issue of Fadel Chaker divided the Lebanese in two categories, those who support his come back as an artist and those who are fighting it fiercely and not believing in his regrets, especially that he insulted the martyrs of the army.

The first category is very small, some of them might really believe in forgiveness, many might have not understood how bad his actions were, probably because they are worse than him.

The second category that I support, is all those loyal citizens and the eternal supporters of the Lebanese army and Lebanon. Those honorable and decent citizens who don’t take the death of our great martyrs for granted, who cried for their death and cheered for their victories.

George Abi Saab is one of those immortal cedars who even in the grave, they are much stronger that all the cowards. While we were watching tv in our safe homes, George and his many friends were facing the evil himself who got out of hell in the shape of ugly humans, those evil cowards where lead by the disgusting beard man Ahmad al Asir. A loser supported by loser politicians who thought they are able to mess up the country. Fail. Huge Fail.

George abi Saab, the Meghawar who had already won so many battles against the same kind of devils, left his family that day and followed his call. The call that not every man dares to follow or even listen to. He was ready to defend us, having in his mind that he won’t lose no matter what. But this time he lost, not the battle, but his life. In fact we all lost, we as Lebanese, and the army, but mainly his little family.

For them we say, we are sorry for your loss, and we are sorry for the country.

Sometimes I wonder if we deserve men like those martyrs, those heroes that our government and politicians are betraying again and again and again. To the point that we get angry after every victory. Yes, we are revolted for the unexplained forgiveness granted to the killers and the traitors. For God sake tell us WHY and HOW do you even let them free?

Even after the unacceptable repeated betrayals from the leaders, the army is always ready to defend the country again and again. With no expectations in return. This time the WHY is easy to answer: because they are superheroes and this is how heroes are. Nothing will make them give up.

Nadim Semaan, another martyr who’s loss broke the heart of his parents and all Lebanese. A very young officer who was dragged to his first battle just after his graduation last summer, something he was not supposed to do yet. His parents are so upset and sad about it, although proud their son died for his country.

Many other officers and soldiers were cowardly back stabbed the last few years because of the fanatic who come every day under a different name. General Francois Hajj, a great leader, officer Sobhi Akouri and many others, we promise you as citizens, not only to immortalize your memory, but to protect your sacrifices and honor them. Even in your graves, your are more alive than all those cowards of fake leaders who are selling you and us everyday for a bunch of nickels.

Shame on them.
You are our leaders, from the youngest soldier to the highest grade of officers, you are our only leaders. It is you and only you who are protecting and saving the country from extermination, you proved that even with the little of material you have, you are stronger than all the Arab armies.

We don’t need any militias or support from any foreign armies as long as we have our soldiers. ISIS will find its grave in Lebanon, under the shoes of our precious soldiers, who will wipe them off the face of earth.

Let us all join and support the families of the martyrs tomorrow at 11am in the martyr’s square in Beirut. Let us raise our voices to tell those fake leaders hiding in their safe homes that we won’t accept to see the traitors freed just for the sake of their political interest.

The blood of our martyrs is not cheap, and it is much more precious than their fortunes and even than some of their kids who are drug addicts.

Don’t miss to watch the video above in honor of the martyr George Abi Saab, officer and superhero of the Lebanese army.
God bless our army, God bless Lebanon.