The great voice, great look and great performance in French version of THE VOICE gave all of us lot of hope that Hiba Tawaji will win the competition.
She was fought from everywhere in many ways. Some said she doesn’t have the right to compete as she is a professional singer in Lebanon, which made it unfair to compete with others. This was the main negative critic, in Lebanon and in France.
On the other side, she was loved and encouraged by many, in Lebanon and in France as well. She won in all her presentations through all the episodes. She won the votes and the hearts.
After every show, the social media was getting so active by her news, videos and comments. Except for last night. Like if the show was turned off. Nothing. Like if she never existed.
It is normal, this is life, and most people stand by the winners.
Hmmm…!!!! Here come the question. Is Hiba Tawaji a loser? Not at all.
Being eliminated from The Voice doesn’t make her a loser. Especially when we figure out why she didn’t make it yesterday.
What happened? Why this sudden U-turn in the taste of the jury and the audience?
The reason is simple, obvious and clear as the sunlight. This is all about showbizz politics and marketing. French people are aware of this, it happened before. They let candidates from all the francophone countries participate, knowing they won’t let any of them win. The winner must be a French citizen. So why they let others sing? It brings more interaction, which means more money and more votes from all the French speaking countries.
It might look too simple and not reasonable. But unfortunately it seems true and it is real.
The question is, did those candidates, including Hiba Tawaji, who is supported by the Rahbani’s, have any idea about this?
We don’t know.
But anyway, we congratulate Hiba and we tell her that she is already a shining stunning star, loved and admired by many.
Good luck Hiba and hope to see you in the coming summer festivals. Check video on top.