We’ve all been there. Climbing out of the pool and rubbing our sore red eyes.
Up until now we’ve been told it was because of all the chlorine in the water.
But now health bosses claim it’s not just the chemical that makes your eyes sting in public swimming pools – it’s also down to human waste, including urine and sweat.

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it’s not the chlorine in a swimming pool that makes your eyes red and itchy after a swim – it’s the pee. You may want to think twice about not wearing goggles before swimming in that public pool.

The report found that irritants tended to be stronger in indoor pools, where they can contribute to poor air quality.
The lack of air circulation can cause further irritation for swimmers, such as red eyes and stinging.
According to the CDC, keeping doors and windows open allows for better air circulation.
Swimmers are advised to shower and use the toilet before getting in the pool to decrease the formation of irritants.