What color is this dress:#whiteandgold or #blackandblue

Yes, the Internet went crazy Thursday night over a dress that looked white and gold to some people, and blue and black to others.

We’re not here to debate why some people see it one way and some people see it otherwise. No, we’re just here to point this out: The Internet is going nuts over a photo that’s just terribly, horribly overexposed.
The Christians are getting terminated in the Middle East, thousands of years of civilization are getting destroyed, and not only the west is not blinking, look what they busy arguing about.
When you wake up on the main sources of the American media busy having their main issue and debate about the stupid color of a dress, won’t you have hundreds of questions going through your mind? Is this fair? Are they brainless? Is their government involved in the war and ISIS? Are they distracting their people with stupid stuff so they won’t see the rest of the world?
Why would Fox News, CNN Etc would even bring up this issue at the first place.
This is really sad. The world couldn’t be worse, and the human race is surely not the best on earth.
All we can say, GOD HAVE MERCY.