An expression of a woman made sublime begins in black and white. An ideal, a gesture, a handmade sketch in black ink that is then pinned with fabric and embroidery samples. It becomes patterns, then volumes, then the finest of details and perfect fit across 800 to 1000 hours of work comprising the realization of a haute couture wedding gown. Follow its journey – from an idea to an illuminated expression.

Image 1

From Inspiration to Dimension

Image 2

Two pattern makers translate a pen-and-paper sketch to a life-size dimension, anticipating a dress’s movement, precision and balance.

Material Seduction

Image 4

Texture – luscious silk organza, the finest lace, mousseline, shantung and tulle are some of the materials chosen in delicate, shaded hues reflecting the nuances of daylight.

Exquisite Embroidery

Image 3

Detail – one dress can occupy a team of embroiderers at their looms for three months, as they adorn delicate materials with paillettes, pearls, flowers in relief and cabochons gemstones.

Crafting Volumes

Image 5

The first moment of magic – when the dress is assembled and mounted by the deft hands of at least eight seamstresses.

Final Perfection

Image 6

The model is chosen; the wedding gown is fitted to her silhouette. On the day of the Spring Summer 2014 Haute Couture fashion show in Paris, every detail is verified for an overall sense of exalted femininity and delicate brilliance. The day has arrived; she assumes her moment and steps into the light…

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