The Maronite Academy 2015 Educational trip to Lebanon

The Maronite Academy is an initiative, undertaken by the Maronite Foundation, aimed at introducing young Lebanese immigrants around the world to their country of origin, Lebanon.
Selected candidates will undergo online sessions (e-learning sessions) that will build their knowledge about Lebanon and the Maronite Heritage.
After successfully completing their online courses, the selected candidates will benefit from an organized two-week trip to Lebanon all expenses covered by the Maronite Foundation.
During their stay in Lebanon, the candidates will get to bond with their roots and get further in touch with the history of Lebanon and the Maronite Heritage through various site visits and seminars, given by prominent figures.

• To re-connect the ties between the Maronites in Lebanon and their fellow Maronite diaspora across the globe
• To strengthen the Maronite Heritage and legal citizenship affiliation to the land of Cedars
• To promote Lebanon as the spiritual motherland of Maronites worldwide

The Maronite Academy 2015 Educational trip to Lebanon
Many young Lebanese-descent Christians from 15 different countries around the world were selected to visit Lebanon in August 2015 to participate in the Maronite Academy, an endeavor undertaken by the Maronite Foundation and aiming to bring the Lebanese diaspora’s youth closer to their roots and their country of origin. After going through a series of comprehensive online courses tackling the history of Lebanon and the Maronites, the applicants had to undergo a written Essay assessing their cumulative knowledge.
The Maronite Foundation gave the chance to the youth who applied last year and who were not selected to renew their chances this year, and many won the educational trip 2015 to Lebanon this August!
The Maronite Academy 2015 Educational trip to Lebanon

The successful candidates were chosen to partake in the Academy’s class of 2015; they will came from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Mexico, Peru, Sweden, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela.

The participants’ stay in Lebanon span over two weeks from August 8 till August 23rd, during which they attended daily lectures held at the USEK University by prominent panelists and visit various historical sites and landmarks such as Tannourine, Jezzine, Byblos, Qadicha valley, Bcharre, St. Charbel, Deir el Kamar, and Beiteddine to name a few.

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