We heard a lot of comments, more bad than good about the Abdel Aziz sisters reality show.
Most of the ladies didn’t like it, rare were the supportive or constructive critics.
One young fashion student in Paris had a strong reaction about the negativity and attack against them.
As I haven’t seen the show myself, and being someone who likes the style of those young ladies, I was interested to read his comments and opinion, knowing Ibrahim personally and seeing in him a bright young hope of a future big name in the fashion world, I asked Ibrahim to briefly talk about what he thinks, and what he wrote was a good summary of the whole issue.
I share with you Ibrahim’s Mouhanna opinion, noting that Ibrahim is a student at the “Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne”, and a former intern With Zouheir Mrad, george Hobeika, and Mode Nadine Magazine.
Following is what the young Ibrahim Mouhanna said about it…
“The Abdel Aziz sisters are iconic figures of modern Lebanese fashion & beauty. Their makeup is clean and simple, emphasizing on bold lipstick and light eyeliner or eye shadow. Their “slicked back” hair has become a major trend in Lebanon, reminding us of the long straight hair of Howeida, (Sabah’s daughter) in the early 70’s that was so much copied back in the day. In addition to that, the Abdel

Aziz sisters are the muses of many upcoming Lebanese designers such as Moe Shour and Hussein Bazaza.
The only negative matter I must point out concerns their TV show. We all know the concept of “reality TV” is all about fake reality. I wasn’t expecting a detailed report of their daily adventures and was awaiting a dramatic vibe that is so typical of this kind of TV shows. In the 1st episode, the dramatic vibe upscaled into a dramatic storm. I can’t but blame LBC for doing a lousy job on the editing, making up fake obvious stories, creating more of a soap opera than a reality tv show. With 40% less drama, the following episodes seemed more fun and credible.

I must finally applaud the Abdel Aziz sisters for their bold style and interesting approach to fashion and I’m sure that they will become in a very short period of time famous faces of the Lebanese fashion industry.”