They call it ” The Big C”…
In Lebanon we call it many names like, “haydak el marad”, or the ugly disease, ” el marad el beshi3″ or other names, as long as we don’t pronounce the word “cancer”. We even have always to say “God forbid” or mention the name of God in any other way or even say “kesh barra w b3id” whenever we open the subject.
Talking about it, or even just mentioning this disease is some kind of taboo in all cultures. You feel the fear in the air whenever the subject is open, even if we are talking about it in a scientific way. People are superstitious that by mentioning the name we might catch it. Or as if this “invisible monster” will be awakened if he hears his name.
No one can know much about breast cancer until it hits them. And no one can be sure to be 100% safe from getting it.  Someone can eat healthy, exercise, avoid smoking and has no genetic history of breast cancer, they still can have a risk to get it.
Most of us might not know much about breast cancer more than wearing the pink ribbons in support of  those battling the disease. But anyone who goes through it will learn more about the cancer than they would ever like to.
When a woman knows she has cancer, it will  have the same impact like when someone receives any life changing bad news. We quickly move from mourning the loss of an old life to accepting a new journey of fighting. And it is lifelong.
Even when we reach a goal, the uncertainty is still in our mind. There would be dark days during this journey when we cannot see the finish line, but we should Persevere, Pray, and stay Positive. I call them the “3 Ps”.
Women going through a battle against breast cancer learn to accept help from others. Also like anyone of us going through an extreme ordeal, they have their support team, which in this case they might call the “Pink Team”, formed from family and friends. This support group will prove that the “C” could also mean Care, Concern and mainly Courage. Those same people will be the same to Celebrate the victory against this monster. Also a “big C”, that would be a positive one this time.
Last but not least, in the middle of this “Pink Month”, I hope we will be supporting this cause for the remaining 11months of the year, could it by donation, supporting a close one dealing with the disease, or even just praying for them.
May the researchers find a quick solution and remedy to this issue.
Let your Smile Kill the cancer, not the cancer kill your smile…