“I’m proud to say I’m uploading these shots all while trying my best to avoid falling asleep, it was one of the most overwhelming shooting trips ever spent with We Love Tripoli, both physically and emotionally.

Previously known as the town’s major conflicting neighbourhoods, Jabal and Tebbeneh are enjoying what seems to be a sort of a reconciliation, or at least a ceasefire as it seems to me.

Fortunately enough though, most of the people I had spoken with, from both sides, are more into peace-making between both areas and going back to the days it was called Bab al Dahab, in all its glory.

Ruwwad Al Tanmiya were kind enough to host us in their center and, with their help and management, colored balloons were sent to roam the sky over both Jabal and Tebbeneh.”

Natheer Halawani blogger, Photographer