Tripoli, thousands year of  civilization, the second biggest city in Lebanon and the beloved city to many LEBANESE had fallen once again into the ignorance and the dark ages of its dollars-driven politicians.

Tripoli Municipality had banned all kind of  alcohol and beer ads except  beer with no alcohol, but this free alcohol beer had surely a more dangerous effects  on consumer’s brain , it had a more potent drugs in it: retardation, hate, intolerance, extremism…


Tripoli is not owned by anyone  of those retarded responsible, its owned by the love of its people, who, through ages had made Tripoli a unique cultural civilized leading city in the region.

Therefore, a campaign was launched by the civil society in Tripoli asking people to stand by their beloved city and fight all kind of retardation.

“To fight the retardation, the distortion of Tripoli’s multicultural identity through many factors and especially the twisted and retarded decisions took by the Municipality President Nader (Da3esh) Ghazal starting his suspicious decision to forbid public eating in Ramadan to the late decision of forbidding the beer adds displayed in Tripoli.

We are starting a large campaign with the Hashtag #Tripoli_Loves_Beer and we’re posting pictures of us in Tripoli and by Tripolitains holding beer or even a photoshoped pic including beer and Tripoli and putting the hashtag like this.”

via Khaled Harb