Princess of wands:
When it comes to kiss and tell , you will enjoy more telling . It will have a reverse effect , people around you would want to get even closer . Ones in a relation should be careful not revealing to much about their partners . Leave some “talk” for bedtime

Knight of Cups
Not going to bed on this date, WOW , take a picture or write about it . Lucky are the ones catching you on this wave , they will enjoy a warm and loving Taurus . Ones in a relation will hit the social game on a high note . Thoughts of commitment are valid and serious this time

The cutest thing about you Gemini’s , is the confusion you create around you , Lover? Friend? Friend with benefits ?? No one knows . and this seems to be the trend this V D. Ones in a relation should be careful of slacking a bit with their lovers . Singles , enjoy the elimination process.

Believe it or not complications and uncertainty can be quite entertaining , specially for single people here , resulting in awkward situations and “roles” of friendship and such. People in a relation should be careful not using the “abstinence” weapon lightly , they end up going somewhere else .
Prince of Wands
Remember when you used to say that you will try that and talk to this and never had the courage? Well singles will have all the guts to try to get their way with new people and categories ( suddenly career and backgrounds would not matter ) Ones in a relation will surprise their lovers with new approach to the relation

Queen of Cups
almost “ Sois belle et tais toi” . Comfortable , right? No , Not quite , you need to tighten selection process if you are single ,specially giving the innocent look , surprising them later and if you are in a relation ,your lover will be red with jealousy . Drinks anyone?

Prince of coins
All those smiles and winks and useless visits to their place of work will finally pay off . now you know more details , not sure you will be impressed , but , you are a drama sucker . \condoms / lubes always ready . Librans in a relation will have blunt statement to their lovers . make it fun or take pictures of their reaction .

you are already a sexual person , even when in love , these two words get seriously confused . Love-wise you will look for ultimate impression and not settling for less , not totally fair for others ( hard to impress you all the time) If in a relation , your lover will benefit from your support and drive to look the best

you will be watched closely in the area of love and sex – may be jealous friends try to learn . Single ones will have it easier , just a bit of kiss and tell , with a possibility of a serious relation starting later this month . Ones in a relation might find their details center of some nasty gossip .

:Going for the romantic / classic lover look , well , you got it this time. Your other half will love to show you around so get some clothes and time ready . Singles will feel they are attracting – marriage quality – people , if that is what you are into , then BINGO .

A steady Aquarian – if they exist- is quite cute , almost funny . VD will bring out the classic lover in you , whether going out on week-end or gifts and so . Lucky for the ones with you . Singles might try blind dates or fixed one . start a journal

You are more of a shark .( do not go out raping people now ) . this is the effect of this special day falling with the sun and many planets super favorable. Show some teeth to regain a shaky relation , or even to start a new one where other or making it hard for you .