The concert is a tribute to a Danish missionary, Maria Jacobsen, “Mama” of all the orphans of the Birds Nest orphanage, set up by Maria Jacobsen in 1928 in Byblos, Jbeil. In 1950’s Vartan Melkonian was brought to the orphanage after the passing away of his mother at the age of three, where he stayed until the age of eight.

Maria has been instrumental in inspiring love for classical music playing vinyl records of Beethoven and others for children of the orphanage, where Vartan Melkonian was caught in the spell of music and where from he got the passion for classical Music. From Birds Nest to the street life, Vartan Melkonian carried music in his heart and conquered the heights of Classical Music becoming conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra, a reputation merited duly. In the program : Beethoven, Khatchadourian, Rahbani , Melkonian.

Casino du Liban, 19 November 2015