Among the many virtues and attractions of the city of Beirut (and of Lebanon more generally) there is one which stands out clearly, the intense and multifaceted cultural life, which offers high quality events at almost the same pace as the main European cities. It is a form of exorcism against the daily concerns, which inherits an ancient tradition in social life and cultural communication. This is particularly true for the cinema – the “dreams box” as Fellini loved to call it – which has the ability to attract and bring together a wide and often young audience of passionate film-buffs.

That’s the reason we wanted to bring in Beirut the same Italian films presented a few months before at the Venice Film Festival, knowing for sure that their portrayal of today’s Italy – in forms sometimes dramatic and sometimes funny – can be fully understood and appreciated, thanks to the deep cultural affinities existing between the two countries.

We are indebted to two exceptional collaborators for the realization of this Festival, which we are sure will open a tradition set to continue over the years: the Venice Biennale Foundation, represented by its President Paolo Baratta and its Director Luigi Cuciniello, who believed in the project and in Lebanon from the beginning, and the Metropolis Association , which has contributed to the initiative with all its availability, expertise and enthusiasm. To both, thanks and see you next year!

Venezia Cinema in Beirut (20-25 Feb), Metropolis Cinema.

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