Château Kefraya is the second biggest winery in the Beqaa Valley with land that extends up to 300 acres (1.2 km2) amongst the foothills of Mount Barouk, 20 kilometres (12 mi) south of the town of Chtaura.

We made a day trip to Chateau Kefraya from Beirut on a beautiful, sunny day. The drive through the mountains to the Bekaa valley was very scenic

1-At our arrival, we were greeted by the a very welcoming staff member who pointed out our way to the entrance with his lovely Beqaai accent.

kefraya 166

2-We decided to take a tour in the vineyards. Children were so excited waiting for the train

kefraya 167

3- Finally the train arrived

kefraya 232

4-  The guide thouroughly explain to visitors what each grape variety is used for and why and how it is grown.

kefraya 242

5-A walk in the vineyards

kefraya 299

6-Historical site

kefraya 291


7-Wine barrelskefraya 435

8-We went through a series of beautiful tasting wine, including rare and vintage wines.

kefraya 127

9-Beautiful scenery, with mountains and vineyards

kefraya 398

10-We sat for lunch with a view of the vineyard and mountains and watched the sun over the hills

kefraya 335

11-A yummy open buffet with open wine.

kefraya 139

12-Wine a gogo

kefraya 318

13-That was a beautiful day for Christina.kefraya 161

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