Today I saw an article online about a Lebanese man married to an Ethiopian lady that he met in a foreign country. They are talking about the discrimination this lady has to overcome in a Lebanon, a country where racism is bragged about.
Yesterday I crossed this video that went viral in many countries, and that impressed me a lot. I like to share it with all Lebanese, and hope everyone who sees it will share, maybe we can have a little of wisdom to start respect people for who they really are, not for their appearances.
Filmed on Valentine’s Day in Santa Monica, California, this video shows Skeletons kiss, hug and dance on a massive X-ray screen. But when people step out from behind the screen in the viral video, we see them in the flesh as same-sex couples and friends of different races, ages and religions.
This video gives great awareness about racism and labeling people depending on their religion, gender, age, color or social status.Sometimes we even judge and stare at people because of their physical or mental disabilities. It shows that at the hand we are all coming from the same flesh and blood, and we will all end up as ashes, the same way we started.
watch the video by clicking above.
“The goal is to celebrate and appreciate our differences and acknowledge that we may have preconceived feelings about people who are different than us,” Ellyn Fisher of Ad Council said.
“It’s a really simple but powerful message—rethink your bias,” she added.