You see it everywhere. It’s the inescapable trend of being fit. Everyone you see is wearing workout clothes.

“GYM TIME!” says everyone, via Facebook Status. They want to make sure you know that they are working on it. Every cover of a magazine has a ferociously fit girl on the cover. Fit is ok, but sometimes they are too skinny and become anorexic.

Women generally relate the ideally thin body to positive life outcomes such as happiness, confidence, and romantic success, and consequently a majority of women value the thin ideal to some extent.

The media’s focus makes us believe that thin is “in “and we are sucked up into the whole idea of beauty as being thin. Thin looks more healthy and attractive. Thin makes you look better in clothing that you would want to wear.

Media brainwashed the population to the point that many women became obsessed by their look which created a new category of business to help people get skinny, either by doing a food diet, exercising or even plastic surgery under general anesthesia. Many people strive to become thin to be beautiful and accepted in our societies, especially models and dancers. Many of them have eating disorders.

Many studies have been performed regarding the effect of the thin ideal. Some of these indicate that after women are shown images of ultra-thin models, they experience psychological and behavioral features associated with eating disorders, such as increased anger, depressed mood, body dissatisfaction, and low self-esteem.

We can see example of those women every day among our friends and family. This is the result of the shallow mentality that focuses only on the look, and also of the peer pressure which is the social pressure by members of one’s group to take a certain action, adopt certain values, or otherwise conform in order to be accepted.

A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine reported that not all overweight people are necessarily at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases. This is being translated into headlines like, “Fit and Fat: Study Shows it’s Possible.”

Last week we saw on LBC TV channel the election of a special edition of Miss Arab, for overweight ladies: Jessica Sahyoun was elected Miss Overweight Arab Beauty 2014. Watching this competition brought back to us the real beauty of a lady, a natural beauty.

When you hear those ladies talk and laugh, when you see them walk, and when you see the sparkle in their eyes, it takes you back to the good old times of our mothers and aunts, when the woman was proud of herself no matter what she looked like, she was proud of caring for her husband and kids, for raising a good family, and being loyal to her husband.

Yes, we miss those days, where nothing was fake. Where mothers or/and professional women looked like human beings not like ugly aliens.

Who said that having big boobs and big butt means beautiful? Who said that stretching your face and filling your cheeks from your butt’s fat is sexy? Who said that having milky white teeth in a duck mouth means beautiful?.  Dear lady, but to be honest with you, it just makes you look very ugly. And if you see people turning their heads to look at you, it is not because you are beautiful, but because you look like a real freak.

Not skinny doesn’t necessarily mean obese, but it could mean curvy with some sexy extra kilos, or even chubby with an elegant allure and classy personality. They say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, that is why we see that in previous century and in some countries nowadays, skinny is ugly and unhealthy, they like chubby even fat woman with lot of curves. We can see it in the paintings of famous artists.

Finally, back to the gorgeous “plus-size” women who dared to appear and compete on televisions couple of weeks ago, congratulations!!! Even if you didn’t win the first price, you won lot of admiration from normal people. We want to see more of you and your inner beauty. Few or many more kilos doesn’t mean you should be excluded of social life, unfortunately some people are losing kilos of flesh, but keeping all kilos of bad character.