A “before and after” photo of the minister Boutros Harb had been lately posted in the social media. This photo shows that he underwent some facial cosmetic procedures, and by procedures we mean needles and scalpel, not only some regular facials at some fancy beauty center. Living in a country where the gossip is one of the main criteria of our society, especially in the era of the social media, the minister had to go under the microscope of so many vicious critics. Hell yes..!!!! Poor guy…!!! He has been “grounded” like meat for kebbeh..!!! Come on people, what crime did he do? It is just something most of adult Lebanese are doing, cosmetic surgery, and maybe it didn’t go as far as this. Probably just some Botox and filler injections. Seriously, I don’t understand how shallow the minds could be. From all the political hell the country is living, from all the dirtiness of the politicians, this is what they saw..!!!! The country is drowning, no president, no “official” parliament or even government, no electricity, ISIS at the gates of Lebanon, soldiers dying and being kidnapped…. And… all people care about is the look of a minister or the color of his hair..!!! He must be appreciative they didn’t check the color of his underwear..!!! It would have been much more interesting if anyone had noticed his lousy skills in technology, right? Mr Harb is one of the best and most decent politicians in Lebanon, but he doesn’t fit in the telecommunication ministry. He is so behind, especially that he replaced a great minister like Mr Nicolas Sehnaoui, who was as up to date in technology as any geek from silicone valley. It doesn’t need a genius to see the difference, especially when u attend a conference for each of them. Sehnaoui is so close from the new generation, while Harb is a lawyer from the old school, who would make a much better job in many other ministries. Bottom line, please, guys who have nothing but spend the lot of free time you have on Facebook, go get a life, read something interesting, do some volunteering activities instead of spending time judging people. And in the case of the critics that came from political haters of Harb, believe me, u can hit better targets than the look. By the way, whatever procedure Mr Harb underwent, it was successful and gave him a natural look.