Same-Sex marriage made legal in all American states. Lot of Americans celebrated, including the liberal president Obama. Other Americans disliked and showed their opinion in many ways. Then the unexpected happened: pedophiles started asking for their own rights. Scary, especially when we think that it could happen one day.

Sometimes I ask older people around me, if the world was always so chaotic or it just changed lately. For some reason we accept the fact that the Occident is so liberal and open, but we don’t accept it for our country. Why this big and quick change is happening now? is it due to the war, to technology, to social media or maybe…to pollution, all kinds of pollution !!!
People judge, we all do. It’s the way we were built, and it will never, ever change. By judging, we create a set of beliefs that we have about an individual. We might be right or wrong. But we still judge. But now I am not here to judge, I am just saying my own opinion.

I believe that sexuality and religion are the most private issues in anyone’s life. But in reality, they are the most displayed issues in the media. Especially in our confused middle-eastern, and specifically Lebanese society. Yes confused, because same people who post their photos in religious events or sites, now they have their profile photo colored with the rainbow stripes. Isn’t the church against gay marriages? How can someone be supportive to two extremes at the same time? I wish they explain what they are supporting: homosexuality, freedom, marriage, or just showing off that they are open-minded.

I never allow myself to judge homosexuals, as long as they keep it for themselves. As long as they are honest about it with themselves. As long as they don’t play it dirty by having a double-life and ruining someone else’s life by marrying them. Oh yes it happened, it happens and it will always happen. Some of them are even so confident to get married more than once.
Back to the supportive reaction of many Lebanese to the American supreme court decision. I am still trying to figure out how to interpret it. In a country where we are fighting for the least of rights for the safety of women, where we are still fighting for civil marriage to be accepted by the Lebanese laws, where divorce courts are so discriminative toward all women. Why this giant leap while we are not even able to move forward with a small step?

I wish a miracle happens and someone would be able to organize some of this social chaos in my beautiful country. I know the innocent era of “Abou Melhem” & ” el Denyeh Heik” is so over, but I wish we can keep some of the decency and normality in life inherited from the previous generations. Where a man was proud of his manhood and a woman naturally glowing with femininity. I wish we can focus our energy and time to help our society thrive in a healthy way, where the killer of a woman would be punished instead of being bluntly freed, where religion won’t interfere with politics. Let us ask for our rights for effective laws that allow anyone to have a civil marriage in Lebanon, and decent civil divorce laws.