Never felt any interest to check articles that talked about her. She was one of this category of fake artists I banned from my dictionary. One of those art trash people who never worth anyone’s attention. I don’t think I ever listened or even heard any of her songs. Till last week. My facebook newsfeed got swamped with jokes about her. And definitely not good ones. I guess her Ahlam turned to Kawabiss (nightmares) when she dared to mess with Lebanon.

Anyway, I don’t think she is worth the time to write or talk about her.
Although she deserves to be shamed for what she said, I didn’t like some of the language used to attack her. We should not get low to her level. I believe in this saying: “don’t fight with the pig, you will both get dirty, but he will enjoy it”. She might be enjoying it indeed. Why? She “ freely” got the attention and propaganda she was paying fortunes to get.
Finally, the positive thing I really liked about this whole issue is the patriotism shown from all Lebanese. The reaction they all had about a bad word attacking our country. Hourray, those are my people…!!!!!!!!! Those are the citizens I always defended and loved.
Yes, in fact most of Lebanese nag and talk bad (sometimes) about Lebanon. But no one else is allowed to do it. We become very defensive and even aggressive about it.

Aren’t we the people who rose so many times from the ashes created by foreign army’s wars? Aren’t we the people who proudly survived all kind of disasters?
I am very proud especially of this remaining wonderful bunch of survivors who are refusing to leave the country no matter what. Those great citizens who are proud of our sun, sea and mountains. Who are haters of, and fighters against the corrupted government, but on the other side, lovers and defenders of the land and its treasures.

Ahlam… You messed with the wrong people. Yes “habibti”.
You opened a door that we were trying to keep shut. This door of stupid “competition” between the Gulf and Lebanon. I won’t go far in this subject today, but I promise to discuss it later on. To show through charts, photos, accurate details, and studies, the ugliness of your fake world. To show that no matter what your “world” can buy with money, either fake snow or fake flowers and fountains, you can never ever compete with the beauty God Himself created in Lebanon. We were always and will always be a piece of heaven, which is the Dream of all Arab countries and the forever nightmare for every hater.

FYI: our organic trash in the streets is much cleaner that lot of other countries’ mentalities.
Long Life to Lebanon, Long life to our wonderful people.